Long Capture & Contract Management

Consulting support to find, understand, and win government contract opportunities

Strategy Development

Find the opportunities. LCCM wades through billions of dollar of historical spending to develop capture and proposal strategies for your company.


LCCM provides a week long FAR Masterclass to help government and civilians learn how to understand and navigate the Federal Acquisition Regulations.

Proposal Support

Win more contracts. The federal government is a competitive environment. Leverage billions of dollars in proposal experience to improve your proposals and competitive edge.

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)

Got a new idea? The SBIR program aims at funding small businesses with exciting new ideas. LCCM can help your company find and compete for grant or contract research and development programs to fund your idea.

Business Development

The way the federal government does business is totally different. Learn how to take your products or services to the federal market and influence buying decisions.

Post-Award Help

LCCM is here to help you know when and how to make a request for changes and additional funding.


The federal government is the largest buyer of goods and services in the world, but the acquisition process is complex and confusing. Last year the federal government spent $501 billion on contracts, but it's mired by 1,000s of pages of acquisition regulations and convoluted solicitation and evaluation procedures.

Questions? Ask Us.

Drawing on billions of dollars of inside experience LCCM consults businesses from start to finish to help them understand the process, find new opportunities, and write better proposals.

Our Clients


During the years he spent as a contracting officer (buyer) for the Air Force, Russ was frustrated with how complex and confusing the processes were to businesses trying to win contract awards. Even the simplest solicitations and contracts reach hundreds of pages of terms and conditions.

Based on this experience, Russ founded Long Capture & Contract Management to help small to mid size businesses navigate and learn the acquisition process. LCCM leverages billions of dollars and years of acquisition experience to declutter the process, disrupt the marketplace, and increase client competitiveness.

Our Team

    Russ Long

    Russ Long


    Russ brings $2 billion in acquisition and leadership experience. During his service he lead teams of buyers that purchased services, commodities, construction, and research and development contracts. His insight into how the government develops, solicits, and selects contract winners is the key to your success.


      The following are services that LCCM can provide, tailored to your business's needs and specific strategic goals.  

      Strategy Development

      Which agency buys your product or service? Are they large multi year contracts or small purchase orders? LCCM will pull this information so your team can make informed decisions


      It's not just about one contract, it's about equipping your company to find and win future opportunities. LCCM provides training throughout the process to build your teams.

      Proposal Preparation

      LCCM brings billions of dollars in evaluation and proposal experience to your company. We advise, train, and review to ensure your best proposal is submitted.

      Opportunity Assessment

      LCCM works with your team to streamline new opportunity discovery. Find more contracts and faster.


      The federal government operates in a completely different way than the private sector. LCCM will help you understand the process so you know how to influence buying decisions.

      Competitive Edge

      LCCM gives you an edge by finding the scope of other contracts, the name of the winning company, and the dollar amount to test your competitiveness.

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      Pricing Overview

      Phone Consultation
      • 30 Minute Phone Call
      • Learn more about your company's opportunity for federal contracts
      Consulting Support
      Project Basis
      • Tailored to your products/services
      • Based on value to your company
      • Size of federal opportunity
      SBIR Support
      Project Based
      • Tailored to your specific needs. May Include:
      • Find topics, proposal review, or proposal support
      • Post award contract administration support
      • Federal biz development- find more funding

      Federal Government Spending

      $2.5 billion spent annually on small business research and development
      $501 billion in contracts awarded in 2017
      $320 billion- Department of Defense contract spending
      23%- Small Business Set Aside annual goal for PRIME contracts


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