How to Get Your Prototype Funded- Introduction to the SBIR Program

The Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program is an opportunity for small businesses with less than 500 employees to receive funding for their innovative ideas. Why should you care? Imagine receiving funding from a potential customer to develop a new solution without losing any equity or intellectual property rights. It’s just not something you’re going […]

Small Business Set-Asides Video

From last week’s topic on small business set-asides, I give an idea of how set-asides work and when the most important time in the acquisition process is to influence them. Follow LCCM on Facebook at if you’re interested in asking questions during live videos or getting updates. Today we're talking about small business set-asides. […]

Common Misconceptions: Marketing to the Government

In this blog post I want to address one of the most common misconceptions that I hear. Over and over again, I see businesses receive the bad advice of “market to the Contracting Officer.” Whether your marketing is through emails or phone calls if you’re targeting the Contracting Officer (CO), it’s an absolute waste of […]